Thursday, April 27, 2006

Huge April Update!

I got married this month!!! Yes that's right I got married. Honestly I thought it would never happen but it did. Maui & My wife are beautiful. I also turned into a's going on the second week and I am still pealing a little. Now on to the tech stuff. I put Windows Mobile 5 on my HP iPAQ hx4705. Honestly it's a bit slow, I have tried quite a few tweaks and they did help a lot but honestly its still not as fast as it should be. I also got my Viewsonic VP201s replaced. It was starting to discolor in the upper left hand corner a little which was not the best of news but it all worked out for me in the end. I got a new Viewsonic VP2330wb out of the deal. I don't know about you but replacing a 20 inch 1600x1200 16ms response 4:3 aspect LCD with a 23 inch 1920x1200 8ms response 16:10 aspect LCD for free seems like a good deal to me.