Thursday, August 26, 2004

I now have 20/15 vision

Well my second checkup says my vision is 20/15 in both eyes....Hope it stays that way :D

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Lasik Vision Correction

Yesterday I had LASIK performed at The Center for Sight in Sacramento its cool but I am still adjusting. My left eye is still a little out of focus. They said that could happen but it still kinda bugs and worries me.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Press the Any Key!!!

Bob had Unicomp customize his keyboard apparently he was sick of the QWERTY layout. Funny thing is they replaced my keyboard with this one this morning. Good thing I am not a touch typist. :D Commence with the geek humor.

By the way I took this picture myself.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Doom 3 Rocks

Today sucked. I woke up late for work and everything I did turned to shit. But then I got Doom 3 and damn is it awesome. At first I had some graphical problems but once I turned on VSYNC everything look perfect. 1600x1200 with everything on is just beautiful. I would like to thank nVidia for making the Geforce 6800 Ultra.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Viewsonic Flat Panel VP201s to go with my Geforce 6800 Ultra

Well I had to do it, I bought a ViewSonic VP201s 20 inch flat panel and damn is it awesome. Coupled with the BFG Geforce 6800 Ultra OC games look great. I don't notice any blurring at all. By the way when I spoke to ViewSonic tech support originally I was told that I needed to make sure my monitor was made after February 2004 or it was possible that the panel would have a 25ms response time not 16ms. Took all Sunday to buy however. First I bought one at Fry's and that had close to 40 dead pixels in the upper left corner. So I took it back and they had one more and it had big cluster of 8 in the center of the screen. I got my money back. By the way both of those were made in January 2004 and I did notice blur on the first one I brought home. Then I went to Roseville, California CompUSA got another one. Luckily this one was made in May 2004 and I can't find one dead pixel or see any blur. I can't wait to see Doom 3 on this thing. FarCry at 1600x1200 with all the options on is insane.

Happy Birthday Aunt Helen