Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fixing the DTC3416 I with a pair of Nail Clippers

Ok I had my wife's DVR fail again so I went to Comcast to get a new one and they gave me the newer HDMI model the DTC3416i. Apparently it runs cooler so I was happy until I realized the DVR function would not work. After going into the system menu and finding that the unit was not registering the hard drive. I decided to check the seating on the SATA cable but I did not have the proper tool to open the box nor did I want to. So I grabbed my wifes nail clippers and used the flat end to reseat the cable thru the vents after unplugging it of course and now I have a working DVR again. Guess I just had to brag a little. But I think my wife thinks I am crazy....

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