Saturday, November 04, 2006

Windows Vista & Insignia Amigo

Microsoft came to its senses changed the draconian licensing terms on Windows Vista that would not allow one to migrate to a new system more than one time. This great news for all of us out there who change our hardware often. They also released the box art and I have to admit I like the look of the new box. However since I will be using MSDN to get my copy I will miss out on that cool feature.

I returned my Creative Labs Zen V Plus because I just could not live with the poor FM reception. So I decided to try the Sandisk e280 and c250 and both were nice players however the e200 does not work with XP x64 in MPT mode so I took that back. The c250 worked great with x64 and seemed to be a really nice player....but it failed after just 12 hours. So I just went cheap and got the Insignia NS-DA2G. Over all I am very pleased. It charges relatively quick, works great with XP x64, has a nice screen, quickly boots, decent FM Tuner and was cheap! I got it and a 2 year Best Buy warranty for about $100. Speaking of money has anyone seen the new $50. I think it's the best looking of all then new bills.

Check out for a review of the Insignia NS-DA2G.

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