Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sony's causes DRM nightmare!

Ok many people are aware of the Sysinternals story about Sony's & First 4 Internet's new malware DRM rootkit. So here is my take. I think the whole Sony board of directors and ALL upper management should get hard jail time for this. I am talking a felony count with at least 20 years. These people are nothing less than scum and should be treated as such. This kind of behaivor is completely unacceptable and should be severely punished. The person directly responsible should server at least a life sentence with no chance of release. As for First 4 Internet I just hope those bastards get so much bad press no other record/movie company will touch them with a 10 foot pole. I think Sysinternals should be thanked for bringing this crime to the public eye hopefully it gets some congressional action.

On a semi related note my girlfriend purchaced the 50 First Dates soundtrack and it would not play in my BMW CD changer. It looks like its some sort of enhanced multisession CD. My Sony DVD player also had some trouble playing it at first. If it were up to me we would return it to Fry's.

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